LaCinetek : a streaming platform for the cinema lovers

LaCinetek website : here

LaCinetek Youtube channel : here

After our post about the streaming platform : Madelen, here is another French streaming platform : LaCinetek (which was recommended to us by L.P. Thank you very much).

LaCinetek presents itself as “a VoD site dedicated to the great films of the 20th century”.

The website adds :

“ The films offered are chosen and presented by directors from all around the world. Each director associated with LaCinetek has compiled a list of their 50 bedside films, their ideal film library.
It is the addition of all these lists that constitutes our catalog, which grows every month thanks to new acquisitions and the list of a new director or a new associated director. LaCinetek’s objective is to make films accessible on the Internet that would not otherwise be visible and to transmit our passion for the cinema.
Access to the site is open and free. You can browse there for as long as you want, discover the list of films from associated directors, watch their exclusive bonuses for free, view rare “archive” bonuses or discover the Top of the lists, i.e. the films or filmmakers most often quoted by their colleagues. Only the rental or purchase of a film is chargeable. Chosen and presented by directors from all over the world ”.

Prices seem similar to Madelen.

The website could perhaps be improved by allowing a search by genre (for example via the keywords “vampire” or “gothic”…).

Conclusion :

LaCinetek seems to be a good initiative.

It would indeed be very positive to have access to MANY more quality works on the internet (and at such a price).