[Art] Mizart : illustrator of greatness

Official website: https://www.mizart.fr/

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/mizart__/

Telegram account : https://t.me/M_i_z_a_r_t

Youtube account : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLgev3ul5C1Yfyqa7MvZfpQ

While for decades, everything and (especially) anything has been considered “art”, Mizart has set the record straight. It is thanks to the artist “ Fidelium Animae ” that we became aware of the works of this artist. His representation of the Archangel Saint Michael with a Famas is exceptional and well-known. I am sure that Saint-Michel (Saint-Michaël/Saint-Mikaël) is very happy with the work done.

Glory through the pencil

Born in Brittany, Mizart breaks the mediocrity of the actual French artistic production. And the most surprising thing is that he achieved that with… Simply a sheet of paper and a pencil… Uncanny isn’t it ? Mizart achieved the feat of showing us something grandiose with some extremely simple equipment. Is it not a sign in itself ?

His works are successful. This shows that the public has not completely lost its sense of beauty. Nor the sense of glory. Mizart wishes to represent in his works, the power, the energy, the panache, which we thought have been lost forever.

Look at his magnificent Joan of Arc ! And his horse looks like it came from a work of Leonardo Da Vinci ! Admire the subtleties of the design : like the thistle between the hooves, the names “ Jesus ” and “ Maria ” on the banner, the fleur-de-lys… Admirable work.

An illustrator who have the faith

Today, most of the artists claims to be atheists. However, they forget one detail… That a huge part of the history of art is Christian.
Mizart, him, do not deny this incredible heritage. Better, he wants to revive it. And he does it brilliantly.

See by yourself ! The editorial team, have not seen such a powerful representation of the Christ since a while. Honestly, well done Mizart !

Mizart , on his Instagram account, likes to add quotes to his works. We really like one of them : “ The greatest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist ” by Charles Baudelaire.


We did this post for o-j-l.fr then for our new website : o-j-l.com. And guess what ? Each time we received a sign who were telling us : DO IT !

So yeah, congratulations to Mizart.

Hail Mary.