Radio Swiss Classic 

Link to the main picture : here

In this radio, no politics and no advertisings : Hail Mary !

Many people extol the virtues of classical music. For example for pregnant women, many people say that it have a beneficial effects for both the baby and for the Mother. The same for students and for working people, this type of music might help for the concentration and the productivity.

But where can you find classical music today?

_There was indeed “Radio Classique” but this radio became a radio for the French government because since the first lockdown. Where we started to hear “experts” talking to us about politics from… 4:30 a.m !

_There was also “France Musique” but it is the same, the radio is owned by the French State… Which today is not a good sign…

Fortunately, there is a solution -> “Radio Swiss Classic”:

Here is their website

The advantages ?

_No advertising and no politics.

_Broadcast 24/7.

_Available on the internet (via PC and/or smartphone).

For the moment, I haven’t seen much to complain about (except that I would like a little more opera perhaps…).

In any case, Bravo and Thank you to the Swiss !

Please keep it up !!!!!

Chev Chelios