Salt (2010)

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Angelina Jolie, heroine of “Tomb Raider” (2001 and 2003) and “Mr and Ms Smith” (2005) stars this time in this muscular spy film.

Cons :

Nothing to declare.

Pros :

_There is a representation of Saint Mary and Saint Ann at 50min45 and 50min49.

_There is a long scene which takes place in a church. The cross is clearly visible.

_There are evocative first names like “Evelyn” (which brings to mind Eve and Lilith), “Michael” (the archangel of war) and “Marion” (a first name linked to Saint Mary).

_The expression “unraveling” the problems is used in the film. Which brings to mind the painting of Our Lady “Mary untier of knots”.

_The main character, Evelyn Salt, wears pearls in her ears at the beginning of the film. Important symbol of the Sacred Feminine.

_The spider emblem is very present in the film.

_Angelina Jolie’s dressing gown is blue (a Marian color).

_The film defends the thesis that the assassination of JFK was a communist plot.

_The construction of the film is simple and effective.

_The male characters are archetypes : the husband, the lover and the father.

_The trailer showed us a naive and fragile person. Fortunately, we realize, after the first minutes of the film, that this is not the case at all.

_In the love scene (even more furtive than in the trailer), Salt has a tattoo on the upper left arm.

_The film revolves a lot around the theme of loyalty. Loyalty to the spouse & to the homeland. The motto of the Marines (and of Saint-Malo) is precisely “Semper Fidelis”.

_The themes of dignity and revenge are also centrals.

_The film also deals with the infiltration in the American administration.

_The transitions between Salt’s costumes are well done.
*The leather jacket who appears at some point.
*Then the black trench coat.
*The changes of the shoes etc…
*And the dark gray t-shirt with the trench who make us remember of the Blindspot TV show.

_Her haircut is just… Deadly ! Her makeup is also insane. A true femme fatale.

_The music is a bit rock sometimes. Great.

_We appreciated the “karate” waiting position in one of the action scenes.

_Note the expression “white knight” used at a moment.

_Some American weapons are clearly there to do the show. Lovely.

_The name of a submarine is “Trident” (symbol linked to Neptune and Shiva).

_The last fight is amazing.

_In this movie, Angelina Jolie perfectly embodies the Kelt goddess “The Morrigan”. A true example for the ladies.

_Remember that since the dawn of time, the salt mineral has been considered as a very powerful weapon against the evil. In some groups he is even revered.

Conclusion :

A useful film for raising our daughters.
Congratulations to all the people who made it.

Chev Chelios