Aigle : premium French boots

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There is in France, a company called “Aigle” who made some premium boots, shoes and clothes. Let’s learn more about them.

“Aigle” mean “Eagle” in French. The eagle is a huge emblem in the history of the mankind. Often, the lectern on a church, have an eagle on it, because it is one the three animals consecrated by the bible (with the lion and the bull). The American Hiram Hutchinson is the founder of this French brand. He used the name “Aigle” in homage to the American eagle.

In 1853, the main idea of Hutchinson was to offer some waterproof shoes made with some rubber vulcanized (a new process at that time).
In 1967 the company started to make some boots and it have been a triumph. They are the brand’s emblematic product.
In 1989 they started to make some clothes.

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Those boots have really some characters :
_Their look is so elegant because it is inspired by the horse riding boots.
_The quality of the boots is so high that they can last for years. Many details on these boots made them way better than the rivals. They are guaranteed to be made in France and made by hands. By the way, to be able to build them, the workers need 2 years of formation.
_Bonus : the company Aigle use some natural rubber for their boots.

Aigle 1853 produce also some raincoats and some clothes. Some of them are very famous all over the world like their sailor parka named “Copeland”.

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The French flair of Aigle is really valuable.

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