“Archangel Michael” oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

Like many people, I am a big fan of the Archangel Michael (also called Saint-Michel or Saint Mickaël).

With his Apollo face and his Vulcan strength, this Archangel can makes a considerable impression. But above all… he cares a minimum about us and listens our prayers.

And so it was a great surprise and a great joy to see that Miss Doreen Virtue made an oracle about him.

What is quite astonishing about this oracle is the fact that it is very direct. We recognize the warrior talk. Everything is simple and straightforward.

Very useful if you want some quick answers and knowing what to do very quickly.

How to use it ?
Very easy : stack the cards and look at the card who pops out of the deck.

This oracle cards have 44 cards, a beautiful box and a small explanatory book that will bring positivity into your life. But most of all : this deck will give you some support.

I really hope the Archangel Michael will helps you to rock your life.

Chev Chelios