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The association “ Bien-être Lunaire “ (Lunar well-being) is based in France. The two therapists who are a part of it are Catherine and Antoine. They are able to see their customers in three cities such as Arcachon, Saint-Malo and Geneva (in Switzerland). Let’s see a bit who they are and what they are doing :


Catherine lives between Arcachon [France] and Geneva [Switzerland]. She graduated as a midwife in 1977. Meanwhile she studied a lot in order to get many skills. This is why now she can pretend to so many professions. For example she is ostheopath since 2001. She is also a hypnotherapist, a fasciatherapist and a bioenergetic therapist. She can be of any help to any subject related to pregnancy, stopping the cigarette, chronic pain etc…


Antoine is an English speaker as he is an Anglican. He lives in Saint-Malo in Brittany [France]. He is such a character. Non-conventionnal is a good way to describe him. As a healer and a card reader what is the most important for him is : efficiency ! He can help you with the method of the blind pendulum, with some prayings and by coming to see you in order to investigate what is wrong and how to solve the situation.

Conclusion :

If you are looking for some honest therapists to help you : contact them.

Quincey Morris