Barthélemy Fourtet “Every piece of jewellery is a challenge”

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It is in the heart of Auvergne, on the high plateaus between forests and castles, where Barthélemy Fourtet has set up his workshop.

This is where he shapes each of his jewels with his hands. In noble and natural materials. Ivory, mother-of-pearl, various types of wood but also metals such as gold and silver.

He decided to only create “one-of-a-kind pieces”.

He say : “This aspect of creation is very important to me. This allows me to maintain a high level of creativity and high standards in order to ensure the quality and originality of my work”.

He adds “Today a large part of my work is done to order.
I like to take the time to discuss about their projects with my customers. Whether conventional or atypical. Whether their idea is precise or whether they prefer to give me a large freedom. In all cases, we develop together the idea of their jewellery, the materials that will make it up, then I offer them some sketches. This is how the jewel that will resemble them will be born

He concludes “What motivates me is the taste of challenge”.

Feel free to discover all of his work on his website and to contact him.

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