Mad Men : a lesson of confidence

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Cons :

_A series that had enormous potential to be a great gangster series. It was also initially sold as being the work of one of the authors of The Sopranos. But it have never been a gangster show. #Lies ?
Worst, the show have been a huge disappointment. Getting worst and worst seasons after seasons. Until falling into the most mediocre political correctness (that we can guessed starting from the first episode…).

_The exceptional opening tell us about the hero’s potential suicide in a retro “James Bond” style universe… But the show will never dig in those directions. NEVER ! #Lies ?

_The theme of fatherlessness (a very subtle thread running through the series) is barely addressed (and very, very late).

Pros :

3 things :

_Don Draper played by Jon Hamm.

_Don Draper played by Jon Hamm.


_Don Draper played by Jon Hamm.

Especially this legendary scene :

Conclusion :

Watch this entire BORING show just to see the performances of Jon Hamm. Mesmerizing.

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