Xena : Warrior Princess

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If you want to properly raise your daughter with some quality video content, it is clear that the choice is limited now…

But luckily, there is Xena :


This extraordinary TV show lasted 6 seasons.

Here is the IMDB page of it : here

This incredible warrior is a true role model. If you are committed to the defense and the promotion of the “Sacred Feminine” this show is for you.

Here is a little compilation of the show :

And :

And this one :

Due to its style, the show is similar to :
_“Hercules”, a series filmed at the same time (IMDB page : here)

And to
_“Conan the adventurer” (IMDB page : here)
which can also be very useful for raising your boy properly.

Three gems of our culture that absolutely must be passed on.

You can try watching these episodes on platforms or buy the complete DVD sets new or used.

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