Mary proved she is Metal !

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Do you know the apparition of “ Notre-Dame de la Salette “ ?

Well, forget all the craps you heard about the sweet Mary (by the way who cares that she is virgin or not).

When she appeared in La Salette [France] the 19 of September 1851, she was wearing… Chains ! Yup, like the “ Ghost rider ”. And on her chest, the cross and… A pliers (representing the feminine) and a hammer (representing the masculine)… Yes a hammer, like “ Thor ” !

Wait. It is not over.

Do you think she was smiling and saying “ Everything is okay, love you all etc…”
No. Not those kind of hippie craps. She appeared crying…
On her statue (photo above) we see a tear. Yup, like on the « Latinos » tattoos…

Then she said some harsh truths. So harshs that we know very few about them. Censorship did his job a lot. But some words have been approved by the Vatican & the Pope John Paul II. Like this f*cked declaration :

“ I gave six days to work, I reserved the seventh for myself and you don’t give it to me “

She said “ I “ not “ God “… HER !

Our Lady, because she saved me and helped me so much, had a big place in my heart (as the Morrigann & Venus) but with this apparition… She definitely proved that she is way more Metal that we will never imagine.

Hail Mary !

Vlad Tepes