Getting inspired by « Peaky Blinders »

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All visual productions have a tendency to go a bit on the caricature field when it comes to the costumes. Why ? Because each costume of each character must reflect an archetype. And an archetype is BY NATURE a caricature.

In this case, for the cult series who is “ Peaky Blinders ”, how can we be inspired by this show without being ridiculous ? Let’s study that item by item.

The flat cap ?

The flat cap is indeed much more practical than the hat when it comes to a windy weather. The risk to lose it is less important than with a hat. And it is so Kelt. #identity

But I would advise you to not choose one in tweed fabric. Because the tweed is not really waterproof. I advise you the leather material. The brand Stetson actually makes some products like that.

Shaved on the sides of your head ?

Why not.
Many young people have this haircut.
It looks military too.
Not bad.

Mustache ?

I lived without then with a mustache. Trust me, the life is way better with one. Go ahead.

White dress shirt ?

It really depends on how you live your life.
For any special events, I think it is very good. Because you show some respect for the event.

But on the everyday life… It really depends…

Button up the last button of the shirt ?

Without a tie ? It can looks weird OR giving you a hell of a style. It really depends on how you feel…

Tie ?

Yes. Very classy. But it depends for what kind of event. I wear only a red one or a black one. And sometimes the black bow tie.

Suit vest ?

Why not, if it doesn’t make you a “ fashion victim ”.

And often, people who wear suit vests play it up a little too much… Don’t try to do too much. “ Less is more “ sometimes…

Tweed blazer ?

If you live in the fog and the cold: okay. Otherwise, it’s a bit hot for some weathers…

Wearing the tartan pattern ?

On a scarf (like the Burberry style) why not.

But otherwise be careful of the overdose.

The wool coat ?

Frankly, it’s a little too “ fashion victim ”.

For the everyday life : I prefer a hunting style jacket (parka) like those from the Barbour brand. It’s more manly and more practical.

For the events : I would go for a classy trench.

The black leather gloves ?

Yes. But if it’s 700° outside, keep them on one fist (like the soldiers do).

Otherwise, in fact, it’s super classy and super practical for a lot of things.

Suit trouser ?

As for the white dress shirt: you have to see if it is not too restrictive for you to wear it. I find it classier than denim jeans. And not more expensive (thanks to the application “ Vinted “).

Black leather city shoes ?

Classic. Uniform style. I like them a lot.

Vlad Tepes