“Datura corsets” : when excellence serves the Femininity

Website : http://www.ladatura-corsets.com/

Site store : https://boutique.ladatura-corsets.com/

Etsy account : https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/DaturaCorsets

Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/datura_corsets/

Facebook account : https://www.facebook.com/daturacorsets/

Under the pseudonym of “ Datura Corset ” we find Natacha. This designer is specialized in corsetry since 2011. A remarkable and rare specialty. Her workshop is located nearby Nantes [France].

OJL : Hello Natacha.
Natasha : Hello.

OJL : How could you describe your activity to us ?
Natacha : My goal is to decline and modernize the corset. Particularly by using it in the making of wedding dresses.

OJL : Your creations are very beautiful. What are your sources of inspiration ?
Natacha : My work is largely inspired by the Gothic fashion. A world that seduced me from my adolescence at the same time as my love for corsets.

OJL : What kind of a fabrics and materials do you use ?
Natacha : I can work with a very wide variety of materials with a preference for duchess satin and Calais lace. The base of my corsets is always made of ticking (corsetry canvas), with steel bones, covered with the fabric chosen by my customers.

OJL : What accessories do you like to use ?
Natacha : I like to make simple pieces, most often a beautiful fabric is enough to obtain an elegant result. I quite regularly use lace to embellish a fabric. Of course, depending on the requests, I may have to work with different types of materials (beads, paint, embroidery, etc.) depending on customer requests.

OJL : What do you like most about your job ?
Natacha : I like to make pieces to enhance the bodies of my clients (I also dress men by the way). This is what I like the most in the tailor-made creations . But I also make some ready-to-wear items. They are available on my site’s store and on Etsy.

OJL : What is your greatest satisfaction ?
Natacha : To help people who trust me to feel at peace with their bodies. Which led me to work for atypical profiles. I want to bring some well-being to my clients. I want to make them shine.

OJL : You also make jewellery and accessories to come to your creations. Can you tell us more about them ?
Natacha : I particularly like making choker-type lace jewelry. I find that it harmonizes perfectly with wearing a corset, by dressing the throat.

OJL : Do you have any plans ?
Natacha : I plan to start manufacturing custom lingerie soon.

OJL : Magnificent. Just like your work. May Our Lady protects you. Congratulations again for everything.
Natasha : Thank you.

Vlad Tepes