« Les Fantaisies de la Pie » : braiding jewelry

Website: https://marie-lb.wixsite.com/lesfantaisiesdelapie

Etsy shop : https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/LesFantaisiesdelaPie

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E-mail: fantasiesdelapie@gmail.com

Behind “Les Fantaisies de la Pie” we find Marie. She lives near Saulieu in the Burgundy region and makes hand-stitched braiding jewelry. In her life, her passions are gardening, cooking and overall creativity in all the ways.

OJL : Hello La Pie.
La Pie : Hello.

OJL : Four quick questions before getting to the heart of the matter.
As you live near Saulieu, can you tell us what your favorite café is there? And what do you like to drink there ?
La Pie : I’m quite a homebody, I don’t go to cafes.

OJL : And what is your favorite park or place ?
La Pie : I am lucky to live at the gates of the Morvan park. There are many parks and forests there. But my favorite place remains my garden (smile).

OJL : Next, what was the last book you read ? And the last song you listened to ?
La Pie : _ About the book: “ The Constancy of the Predator ” by Maxime Chattam . I am still reading it.
_About the song: “ Trenchworld ” by Kamaara . This is my latest musical crush.

OJL: Finally, do you have a quote and/or proverb that you like ?
La Pie : “You are never better served than by yourself”. Inspiring. Even if not always easy to implement! (laughs)

OJL : Let’s talk a little about you now. How could you introduce yourself ?
La Pie : : I’m rather reserved… I like to take refuge in my creations. I would say that I have a rather atypical career path… And creating jewelry is a career change.

OJL : Who are the professionals who shaped you ? Who struck you down? In a few names and why.
La Pie : Mainly the Italian designer Serena Di Mercione. Discovering her works gave me the impetus to delve into braiding creations.

OJL : How did you choose your pseudonym ?  
La Pie : Quite simply because I delight in what shines. La Pie was therefore the best pseudonym to compose the name of my company ! (laughs)

OJL : Let’s talk a little about your work now. What are you creating ?
La Pie : Most of my creations are based on braiding. I work on this textile braid by sewing it with a fine needle and embellishing it with crystal cabochons, glass beads and many other materials according to my desires and my imagination. Each of my braiding creations is a unique piece and bears a serial number.
And even if I happen to be inspired by previous creations, I will never reproduce identically them and will always change some few details !
I also create a small range of more mixed jewelry in paracord or leather. For the pleasure of occasionally working on other subjects.

OJL: What exactly is braiding ?
La Pie : The braiding whose name comes from the Magyar “sujtàs” is a small braid of textile braid used for centuries. Initially the privilege of the nobles, it richly adorned the clothes and costumes of royal courts, particularly in Russia, or simply concealed the seams. It was subsequently used to represent ranks on military costumes, for example, braided from goat’s hair, used to adorned the hussars’ shakos !

Today we still find it decorating bullfighter costumes, or on furniture (cushions, armchairs, lampshades). And when we discuss it with the public we realize that ultimately we see it without seeing it !

It is over the past thirty years that jewelry creations based on braiding have become very popular in Eastern Europe. This fashion is slowly approaching in Europe but it is not yet very represented in France. And it’s too bad ! The creative possibilities are extraordinary.

OJL: How can you define your style ?
La Pie : I don’t really have a defined style. The great thing about braiding jewelry is that it can match just about any style. It ultimately depends on the materials used to decorate it, the colors or the shapes given to the pieces.

OJL: What techniques do you use?
La Pie : The braiding technique, which is a technique somewhere between sewing and embroidery. Some in the industry even call it “ haute couture” !

OJL: Can we place you a personalized order?
La Pie : I admit I prefer to follow my own inspiration. But exceptionally yes, it happens to me.

OJL: Can we subscribe to your newsletter ? Because social networks are a bit saturated…
La Pie: Unfortunately, I don’t have this service yet !

OJL : Do you have a story about creating one of your products ? Or one of your sales ?
La Pie : I created a brooch to accessorize the costume of a gentleman who participated in the Venice carnival. And he appeared briefly as an extra in a singer’s music video filming during the carnival! We see it at 2m34 over here.

OJL : Superb anecdote ! Last question. You definitely have friends who are doing amazing things ! If you want to promote them a little, now is the time !
La Pie : Yes with pleasure ! I would like to mention two in particular:
_Jessy Gems Mineral Fantasy : an artist who creates romantic-style jewelry using natural gems.

_Lixy Illustration : an illustrator whose work I really appreciate and who operates in a very poetic universe.

OJL : Bravo for what you do. May Our Lady protects you.
La Pie : Thank you.

Quincey Morris