Misery is not a blessing

Once again, I am offended to see how the priests confuse Christianity with masochism.

The old testament was not that of a fan of generosity.

But if you listen to the priests, according to them, you have to be excessively generous.

The selected texts they did pick up from the Bible and their interpretations of it, goes in one way which is… Throwing away your money… And if it goes in their pocket, well that will be better ! What a coincidence !

Being poor is a curse. That’s it.

Showing off with your money or with any of your luck : is a sin.

It is the fact of being pretentious, if you look at it, who is a sin. Not the fact that having something.

You can be proud of the merit you had to obtain something (like the credit to win a competition). But you cannot show off.

Since the beginning of the mankind, the humanity have searched some ways to improve the awful curse to live on this planet (hell ?). By using the witchcrafts or the religions.

And if you look closer, winning, have always be the purpose. And winning money have always been a part of this seeking.

Do you think the jews worship the fact of being poor ? No. The ultra-catholics in France, trust me, they worship money above almost all.

So please, stop being a masochist.