Our saviours in this hell

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Folks, let’s be honest for a minute.

This planet is a hell.

Look your life. Look around you. Look at the curses the people got around you. Being disabled. Being short. Being ugly. Having a fucked up childhood. Look at all of that !

And don’t talk to me about the will of the creator.

Whoever created this mess was insane OR lost the control of it.

So as I cannot focus on the creator (female or male), I can focus on the ones who can help to save me and to save others.

Miracles, yes this is what it is all about.

Being Christian is to believe in the power of the good to change the reality in a way that looked impossible.

And guess what ?

Superhero exist.

They exist and their names are Our Lady (Saint Mary), Jesus Christ, Saint Ann, Saint Lucy, Saint Agnes, Saint Agathe, Saint Michael, Saint Raphael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Yves, Saint Roch, Saint Expedit, Saint Marc, Saint Antoine etc…

And if you worship other deities to help you, it is fine ! As long as it is for your own good and/or the good of the others and/or for justice !

I myself love the polytheisms as it is very similar to the worship of the Saints if you are honest.

I love Athena, Nemesis, Hecate, Venus, Aphrodite, Anubis, Vulcan, Zeus, Mars etc…

I think it is sane to read the mythologies in order to discover the many faces of the Divine.

Mina Harker