« Notre-Dame de Grâce » at Saint-Malo [France]

To get to the location, here are the coordinates on Google map : here

It is a small sanctuary a little outside of the city center of Saint-Malo [Brittany – France] which is presented to you today : the oratory of Our Lady of Grace.
This small Marian sanctuary catches immediately the eyes when you drive near by it.
It is very well maintained.
We feel that the people of Saint-Malo have put their heart into making this place of contemplation.
But above all…
The place exhibits numerous of ex-votos….
Some additional evidences of the big generosity of Our Lady.

The Regina statue is protected by a gate. In front of it, a garden with many roses, flowers and plants.
A statue of Saint Joseph carrying the Christ was also placed nearby (excellent initiative). A large granite cross is also there.
Although we are close to the city, we are surprised by the calm of the place.
The street is also called “Rue de la Vierge de Grace” as is the bus stop located nearby called the same way.

The sanctuary is maintained by the “L’association Notre-Dame-de-Grâce”. You can find out more about it on this post from Ouest-France :  https://www.ouest-france.fr/bretagne/saint-malo-35400/la-vierge-de-grace-preservee-95242334-96e7 -11ec-a8c4-5355c6bd32f9
If you would like to support this association, you can find their contact details here :  https://www.net1901.org/association/ASSOCIATION-NOTRE-DAME-DE-GRACE,1000082690.html
Bravo to all these volunteers who pay tribute to Our Lady.

Hail Mary.

Post scriptum : in the church of “Sainte-Croix” in the neighbourhood of Saint Servan there is a big statue of Our Lady behind the altar. A very beautiful one. You should see her.

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