Phoenix arms

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Well this pocket gun looks like a lot of the Walther PPK of our friend James Bond… But the HP22A is “Made in USA”… And is less expensive.
A lot of people talk about this pistol, so let’s see right now three reviews about it :  

The second review is about some tips and tricks on the HP22A :

And the third one, is a longer review, but very interesting too :

Let’s now see a review about the HP25A :

Well, what can we say now ?
The weapons of Phoenix arms seem to work ! 
Indeed the key element that push you to buy a HP22A is his price. But it is fine.
Unfortunately, in France, we cannot find the HP22A. But I would like to shoot with it one day.
And yes, I also think (like on the third video) that this pistol is a proper tool for training the children (without ammunitions… At first).

Conclusion :

The smaller is the gun. The bigger is… The character 😉