Chamuel : the archangel of love

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Most people know at least two archangels.
_Saint-Mickaël (or Saint-Michel): the archangel of defense.
_Saint-Raphaël: the archangel of health.

And yet, few people know Chamuel (or Camaël, Chamael, Kamaël). However, he is very useful since he is the archangel of love. Is he more powerful than Saint Valentine? Who knows…

Why praying Chamuel ?

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First it must be clear that it is not ethical to ask Chamuel to make someone fall in love with you. However, you can ask him :

_To tell to this person that you love her/him

_To have love
The laws of attraction are mysterious. You can ask Chamuel to take action in this area.

_How to please more ?
What foods to eat for example.
He can respond to you in dreams and/or through signs.

_Finding love again
Some people have been alone for a very long time. In addition to the love they lack, sometimes these people are unlucky in other areas (luck, money, etc.). Here again you can ask Chamuel to make you attract the positive and repel the negative.

_Repairing a relationship
If the relationship between you and another person has deteriorated, perhaps evil forces are to blame. In this case too, you can also pray to Chamuel.

_Asking him to talk to the other person.

_Asking him the ways to improve yourself or the relationship

_Protecting a relationship:

_But also, about everything you have lost and want to find again.
That can be the subject of a prayer in Chamuel.

How praying Chamuel ?

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He likes pink candles, as you can read almost everywhere.
The semi-precious stone rose quartz also seems to help to communicate with him.

Do not try to pray him for a very long time with very complicated and very repetitive prayers. For example, write a letter to the archangel. Be frank and clear. Then, quite simply, read this letter during your prayer. The more the message comes from the heart & the more honest it is : the more likely it is to be heard. By the way, Victor Hugo used to say “Short prayer are listened”.

Sign that you have been heard ? If you see the number 7 around you (symbol of love and luck) it means that Chamuel is close to you.

Important : faith is a fuel. The divine mechanic will work more if you trust it.

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