The menhir of the Champ-Dolent [France]

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Near Dol de Bretagne [Brittany – France] you can contemplate 9m30 of mineral virility.
The Champ-Dolent standing stone is for sure intimidating. The tourists who come to see it often stay for a short time, it is very strange…

For my part, I went to see him several times.
After several approach tactics, now I stay in my car… And I sleep. As some ancients used to do near by some temples.
And it is when I wake up that I analyse my dreams or sensations.

You can also touch him and/or sit on the smallest stone next to him.  
Why ? Because in theory, he helps men with all their problems. Just like dolmens help ladies with all their problems.

To find out more : here is the post about him on Wikipedia

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