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Stones after stones

This website was at first a project who has been born in June 2020. The name of it was “Moines France Liberté”.

The idea was to make a group of a very new kind of monks. Inspired by the Templars and the Teutons knights.

Some time after, the name changed to “Ordo Jehanne Libertate” (Order Joan of Arc Freedom).

In June 2021, the group decided to build an online magazine to promote our ideas and to put in light some great Christian initiatives.

This is how O-J-L the magazine has been born.

After the success of o-j-l.fr we decided to move on with o-j-l.com in October 2023.  

But why all of this started ?

The decision

Well, it was easy to see what was wrong in June 2020.

The terrorists attacks which France suffered have left an unremovable mark in our hearts… Same for every horrors that so many people leaved here (and still live right now). Some members of our editorial team have been impacted by all of those craps.

Seeing the problems was a thing. Doing something was something else. And we saw too many people yelling but never doing anything about this.

So we decided to do something.

Always with us

The victims… We are doing that for them. In order that what they lived, will never happen again.

The decay we lived on, have been made. We must build back the wall and guard it.

We hope the Divine will helps us.

The editorial team

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