The stag in the pop culture

We often see it on many logos, on t-shirts, sweatshirts or even on some trendy decorative objects. The stag seems to always be present in our lives.

Purely aesthetic emblem ? Or deep symbolic meaning ? This is what we will try to see through the most popular examples of the representations of the deer.

Jägermeister : the legendary brand

You have all come across it at least once, the Jägermeister brand logo does not leave indifferent. But where does this logo come from ?

The logo comes from the legend of Saint Hubert and Saint Eustache.

To know more about them here are some posts in Wikipedia :

_On Saint-Hubert :

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This logo is exceptional for several reasons:

_With this cross, the brand clearly displays his Christian side. Remarkable these days. The Opinel brand, with the hand of Saint John the Baptist, is one of the few to do so:

_The logo also reminds us that the deer was consecrated. Initially the animal was not consecrated by the Bible. But thanks to the story of these two Saints, the deer was consecrated. Better, Christ himself is now nicknamed “The Stag of Stags”.

Skyfall : the revelation

Indeed, when Skyfall was released in 2012, many fans shouted “Finally!” « .
Yes, because we finally know what James Bond’s totem animal is.
And this animal is… The stag !

Imdb page : here

Many fans imagined multiple hypothesis about Mr Bond’s emblem. Tiger ? Lion ? Stallion? And Skyfall gave the answer.

Why this emblem? The reasons were not given by the production of the film. But we can imagine that the fact that the deer is associated with seduction, virility, but also with nobility must have played a part in their choice.

But… To be honest, I don’t think this is the true. In fact, this animal was the emblem of his family. Bond never said that it is his emblem. I think his emblem is more the fox (even if it is a black one). As John Steed in “The Avengers” had clearly this emblem.

Baratheon emblem in “Game of Thrones”

Imdb page : here

“Ours is the fury” is their motto. Remember that the word “fury” was created to designate the fervor of the Kelts (Celts) in combat.

Stag Party: the initial title of the magazine… Playboy

As recalled in this article : the original name of the erotic magazine “Playboy” was “Stag Party”. And its logo did not represent a rabbit but an elegantly dressed deer.

So… Could the deer be the emblem of Priapus ?

Hannibal – the TV show

Imdb page : here

The deer seems to be one of the common threads of this show… A show way too bloody…

The stag in the logos

Porsche :

As you have probably noticed, 6 deer antlers are present on the Porsche brand logo.
More information on this logo: here

Browning (weapons) :

John Deere (tractors) :

Arran (Whisky)

Link to the picture : here

The opinion of a clairvoyant:

According to the clairvoyant Josyane JOYCE  “people whose emblem is the deer are characterized by the ability to bring gentleness and grace to all aspects of their lives, even in the most difficult moments. By drawing inspiration from the qualities of the deer, these people can achieve their goals and tackle difficult situations easily and with a touch of grace.

The wisdom of the deer reminds them to be gentle with themselves and others. The characteristic grace and gentleness of this animal echo the qualities that emerge when one lives life from the heart.

Deer horns are excellent means of defense. Symbolically, they also express their ability to assert themselves in those around them. Please note : being gentle does not mean being defenseless. With the deer as your favourite animal at your side, these people can be strongly both determined and gentle in their approach.

In the Nordic cultures, the deer is a celestial animal. Its antlers represent the ladder that allows one to reach the heavens. This explains the fact that Christ in the Christian religion is often represented by the stag, which takes on all the symbolism of redemption. The deer and the unicorn have the same meaning in mythology. These are images that express the unity of soul and spirit.

Deer also have erotic significance in popular beliefs because of their fights for females during the rutting season”.

For more information, here is Josyane JOYCE’s YouTube channel:

Conclusion :

As the Gundestrup cauldron reminds us with its representation of the god Cernunnos the deer has been in our culture since immemorial times.

Link to the picture : here

It is remarkable that pagans and Christians agreed on the positive value of this emblem.
Let us pray that one day the (very cruel) practice of hunting with hounds will end.

For further informations :

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_Book “The cult of Priapus and his relationship with the mystical theology of the ancients” by Richard Payne Knight :

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