Barakiel : the archangel of luck

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« In life, everything is a question of luck ».

Donald J. TRUMP

After our post about “Chamuel : the archangel of love”, here is the turn of Barakiel (or Barachiel).

Have you ever heard someone saying “He got the baraca” to mean “He’s lucky” ?
Well, this expression is undoubtedly linked to Barakiel the archangel of luck. This expression perhaps also comes from the fact that Francesco Baracca was a famous Italian pilot of planes, who had the reputation to be very lucky. His emblem also inspired Enzo Ferrari for the logo of his automobile company.

If you pray Barakiel, how can you be sure that he heard your prayers ?
Here are 3 tips that can help you:

His flower : the rose

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As the 3 websites below say, if you notice an event linked to the rose (a dream, a cloud, petals in the street etc…), this might be a sign that Barakiel is close to you.

Our Lady is also linked to the rose (and the Lys flower of course).
Talking about powerful lady, we must say that among the Kelts, the goddess of abundance is called Habondia and among the Romans she is called Fortuna.

His manifestation : lightning

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The fact that Barakiel is linked to the symbol of lightning link him to the Kelt god : Taranis and to the Greek god : Zeus.

Knowing that the eagle is a symbol of Zeus and that he was worshipped among the Kelts (see the feathers on their helmets), we can assume that if you notice an event linked to the eagle: it could mean that Barakiel is not far away.

His colours : green and red

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They seem to be his colours.

_The Kelts love the green, especially through the symbol of the 4-leaf clover (very common among the Irish). We also find dark green among the French, the British and the German nobility with the colour “duck green” (the duck being a symbol of comfort, family and loyalty). The “jade green” colour is also ultra-popular in Asia (see our post on the jade tree which attracts money).

_Red is known worldwide as useful against the evil eye and for attracting abundance. For example: it was sacred among the Gauls, it was used to paint travelers’ caravans, and it is widely used in China as you know. But also in business (look at the logo of Coca-Cola, HSBC bank, Netflix, Virgin, H&M, Ray-Ban, Toyota, Canon, Mitsubishi etc…).

_We will notice that green and red are on the Italian flag. And are sacred colours in alchemy.

Conclusion :

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To be complete, we should also add that Barakiel is linked to the astrological sign of Pisces and Scorpios.
I hope those information had interest you. And I hope that Barakiel will be with you.

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