« Enquête de Sérénité » : jewellery & esotericism

Etsy shop : https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/EnquetedeSerenite 

Instagram account for esotericism : https://www.instagram.com/enquete.de.serenite/

Instagram account for jewellery : https://www.instagram.com/enquete.de.serenite.creations/

Instagram account for reading : https://www.instagram.com/enquete.de.lecture/

Behind “ Enquête de Sérénité ” we find Charlotte. Charlotte lives in Lyon in the Rhône. She creates Gothic, Victorian and Steampunk-inspired jewellery, as well as Bohemian and well-being jewellery by using the virtues of the natural stones. In her life, her passions are reading, the world of pop culture, music and travel.

OJL : Hello Charlotte.
Charlotte : Hello.

OJL : How could you describe your activity in a few words ?
Charlotte : I make jewellery. They are created with a hint of magic, a touch of esotericism… And a lot of heart.

OJL : How was “ Enquête de Sérénité ” born ?
Charlotte : “ Enquête de Sérénité ” was born from my passion for esotericism, which I discovered a long time ago. And from my all-consuming passion for reading fantasy and historical novels set in the Victorian era.

OJL : Why this name ?
Charlotte : When I wanted to create my Instagram account a few years ago based on my passion for esotericism, I was looking for a nickname that I liked.
Since I am very into spirituality, one summer evening before going to sleep, I asked the Universe to whisper a name to me in my sleep…. the next day when I woke up “ Enquête de Sérénité ” (serenity investigation) appeared directly in my head !
I was at a period in my life where I wanted to fully embrace my attraction to esotericism (hence the pun on the quest for serenity…), something that I hid or talked about little.
When I opened my jewelry store a few years later the name was more than obvious !

OJL : Indeed. We are many to investigate the mysteries… What inspires you ?
Charlotte : I am passionated about the fairytales, the medieval worlds, witches’ stories and therefore the Steampunk movement, I wanted to mix it all by creating some well-being jewelry in natural stones. But also with some vintage and Victorian inspiration.
I have a completely assumed dark side. It’s the aesthetic of it that speaks to me. For my brighter side, I also create some Bohemian jewelry when the summer arrives (smile).

OJL : Bohemian culture and Gothic culture are linked, right ? Those two cultures like esotericism, freedom and the independence of the mind. What do you think ?
Charlotte : Totally! These two cultures come together in the freedom to be oneself and to express oneself freely. We actually find esotericism in common there too.

OJL : Gothic culture is a very deep culture. What does it mean to you?
Charlotte : I’m from Lyon and when I was 20, when I walked on the streets of “Le vieux Lyon” which had a lot of gothic/rock stores at that time. Old Lyon was the gothic haunt (laughs). And I myself had a few friends from this culture. I was immersed in it for a long time. Today they have disappeared from the streets of Lyon as the stores have been replaced by some souvenir shops (such a shame!) but I keep very nostalgic memories of this period .
Gothic has long been wrongly equated with Satanism, while “real” Goths love Beauty in the dark. They are often sensitive, very cultured people, Catholic or Pagan believers (and not in the sense of “I worship the Devil”).
I like to put the church back in the middle of the village, if I may, on this subject because it has always exasperated me that the Gothic people are demonized.
I wasn’t strictly gothic when it came to my outfits when I was younger and yet I would have loved it ! I wasn’t comfortable enough in my skin at the time to take responsibility for myself. Now, this side of me is much more assumed and is found in my jewellery but also sometimes in my clothing which is much more marked than 20 years ago by this culture as well as by Bohemian culture. One in winter, the other in summer (big smile).
After all, there is no age to take responsibility, right ?

OJL : Bravo for what you do. The Divine whispered in my ear that he really appreciated your work (smile). May Our Lady protects you.
Charlotte : Thank you.

Rosa Mystica