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Osiris : the unknown

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Osiris was a friendly god until his misadventure with his brother… But since he became (notably) the god of death, he has become ruthless.

A quick overview of this god linked to the very popular Anubis (it may be the same person).

God of the war

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Nothing surprising when we know that Osiris spends his time fighting his brother.
Osiris can also be invoked to win a battle. Like Shiva, he can be depicted with blue colored skin.

God of death

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Like Pluto and Shiva, Osiris is a supreme god AND a god of death. These common points between these three deities are to say the least… Surprising. Do the ancient priests/wizards recognize the same facts ?

Like Pluto, he can be invisible (Pluto needs his helmet – Kunée – for this).

Moreover, Osiris is considered just and perfect. Which gives him the right to judge. This fact makes him look like Saturn, who is a god who can be pretty harsh in his judgements.

God of fidelity and virility

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The faithful husband of Isis is not only the god of death… He is also a god of life.

He is a useful god to invoke if one needs help on manly/virility matters.

He is also a god of abundance like Pluto (Pluto meaning “the rich one”).

Conclusion :

Osiris is perhaps one of the most complete representatives of the “ Sacred Masculine ”. Because he is a triple-god :
_God of death (black),
_God of war (fire – red)
_God of life (white).

Moreover, it is sometimes said that the symbol of the “eye of Horus” (very useful against evil) is in fact the “eye of Osiris”.
Perhaps the one in the triangle in the dollar bill…

Because he is invisible, he is difficult to be understood. And I think he is very busy fighting the evil everytime…

But in my very opinion, he can be depicted as :
_The symbol of the skull : who is worshipped by the Kelts and the pirates since a while.
_The emblem of the cobra : the Uraeus was on the top of the head of the pharaohs and a similar snake is on the Gundestrup cauldron (called the ram snake).

In my opinion, the superheros ”Ghost Rider” is perhaps Osiris.

Link to the picture : here – Look at the chains… As Notre-Dame de la Salette

Rosa Mystica