« La Belle Époque » : an exceptional flea market

Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/la.belle.epoque.broc/

La Belle Époque is an online flea market that founded in 2022 by Jeane. Why this name ? “I was thinking of a name. And in the end, I found that this name suited me” declares Jeane.

The specificity of “La Belle Époque” is the drastic selection of the products offered for sale. That is to say, Jeane only sells what she really loves. “I found my products on the weekend like many people. But I also do some house clearances. And of course I monitor the internet, mainly in winter, because there are fewer events outside.” Jeane adds “I am looking for products in the Baroque, Rococo style and everything related to the universe of the “Cabinets de curiositiés”. For example, atypical objects that you might see in the tattoo parlors”.

But how did it all start ? “Since I was little, every summer with my Mom, I went shopping every weekend. Thanks to her, I acquired a certain taste for beautiful things. Then I moved towards the Louis XV style in particular, I am passionate about this period since I am little too. Moreover, the works of Stéphane Bern brought me a lot, via his show “Secret d’histoire” (Joking aside!). This is why in 2022 I decided to get started. It started from a passion so I had nothing to lose, I didn’t think that my world would speak to many people ! Yet this was the case. A nice surprise for me”.

What types of furniture or objects do you cherish ? “According to my current stock, I have for now some candlesticks, rosaries, frames, skulls, crucifixes, naturalist insects (entomology) and mirrors (often gilded). The stock moves a lot, so it’s better to pass often”.

In short “La Belle Époque” is a tasteful online flea market that is good for the soul.

Apha Centauri