Lanvaudan [Brittany]

Where is it ?

In Brittany [France]. A land of mysteries.
There, a very discreet village : Lanvaudan (Wikipedia page).

Arrival from the south

Coming from the RN 165, take direction Caudan then Plouay.
You can then exit towards Calan.

Arrival from the north

If you pass through Melrand, stop at the Saint Fiacre church.

There are 3 boards that talk about :
_The 3 healing fountains of Melrand.
_The tumulus which was used for the cremation of famous people during prehistory.
_The life of Saint-Fiacre. His veneration of Saint Mary. And the highlights of his life.

Arrival from the east

You pass through Plouay.
Before entering Plouay, along the road on the right, a single large tree trunk seems to guard the town.
It’s quite gray and looks like a scary witch were saying to you: “You are entering my land, be careful!” « .
Then you cross the city a little. Then you enter a dense and… magnificent forest. Very Keltic (Celtic) in his light, his humidity, his atmosphere. Difficult to take photos, because you will be driving, but the spectacle is worth a look.

The village

Few thatched roof houses. Few typical houses. But what little there is is worth the detour.
Medieval-fantastic-suspense atmosphere guaranteed. If you want to write a book that makes you shiver, you have to come here !

The second church

On the road between Plouay and Lanvaudan. On a bend.

The fountain

On the road between Plouay and Lanvaudan (closer to Plouay).
Park at the second church.
Bring boots.
Allow 5 minutes on foot.

You will be see by yourself… This very mystical place.

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