Mistress Morbida’s Market Macabre : hand-crafted gothic home décor

Website : https://marketmacabre.etsy.com

Etsy shop : https://marketmacabre.etsy.com

Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/mistressmorbida/

Facebook account : https://www.facebook.com/marketmacabre

Behind « Mistress Morbida’s Market Macabre » we find Chris. She lives with her husband and wolfdog in the south west of England. She enjoys creating unique, hand-crafted gothic home décor. Inspired by gothic, vampires and elegant horror. She produces beautiful pieces for the discerning goth home, including framed skulls, decorative wall art, coffin boxes, candle holders, jewellery holders etc…
In her spare time, she likes walking her dog, reading and… Exploring cemeteries & haunted houses.

OJL : Hello Mistress.
Mistress : Hello.

OJL : So we are going to try to see what is your personality first. Then we will talk about your works. So we will begin by four funny questions. What is your favourite colour(s) ?
Mistress : Well, it has to black ! Although, I think really my favourite colour is deep, dark red !

OJL : Who is the animal(s) that you like ?
Mistress : I’m obsessed with wolves, bats and tigers, I have tattoos of these and other animals (smile).

OJL : What number(s) do you like ?
Mistress : I have no proclivity to any particular numbers.

OJL : Lastly, which super-hero(s) or even super-villain(s), do you admire ?
Mistress : Maleficent (wink).

OJL : Let’s talk a bit about you now. What can you tell us about yourself ?
Mistress : I am in my mid-forties, married with one fur-baby : my beautiful wolfdog and am covered in tattoos and piercings.
I am a lifelong goth and lover of all things dark, macabre and vampiric. I began crafting unique items of home décor and decoration inspired by classical dark, gothic themes and designs. I started out when I decided I wanted a gothic mirror candle holder but could not find one… So I made one ! From then on, I founded my little shop and began adding more and more items to our stock. The vast majority being designed, handcrafted and constructed at ‘Morbida HQ’ in south west England (laughs).

OJL : Who are the professionals who made you ? Those who struck you ? In a few names and in a few words.
Mistress : I supposed it is classic gothic themes that I love, so we’re talking baroque, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Anne Rice; really rich, sumptuous and elegant aesthetics. More recently I am a fan of Aurelio Voltaire and his gothic homemaking show – I have had customers tell me they have seen my shop mentioned on his Youtube channel, which would be amazing, although I’m yet to see this for myself.

OJL : How did you choose your pseudonym ?
Mistress : I really can’t remember (laughs) ! I like the alliteration and I love the sexiness of ‘Mistress’ so it all just happened (laughs) !

OJL : Let’s talk now about your works. What do you do ?
Mistress : I create unique, hand-crafted gothic home décor. This includes framed animal skulls, decorative wall art, coffin boxes, candle holders, gallery wall pieces, jewellery boxes, coffin shaped bath trays – in fact coffin-shaped all sorts.

OJL : How could you describe your style ?
Mistress : Unique, hand-crafted gothic home décor, inspired by gothic, vampiric and elegant horror.

OJL : Which techniques do you use ?
Mistress : I do all my own woodwork, painting and production. I also procure, treat and clean the animal skulls and bones I find (via cold water maceration/degreasing/cleaning and bleaching!!).

OJL : Is it possible to ask you for a custom product ?
Mistress : It is indeed, and I welcome custom orders from my customers (smile).

OJL : Is it possible to suscribe to your newsletter ? Because the social networks are a bit… saturated.
Mistress : At present I do not have time to create a newsletter, I am too busy creating.

OJL : Do you have an anecdote about one of your products ? Or about one of your sales ?
Mistress : I love when I hear back from customers about how they bought something as a gift and the recipient loves the item. I recently heard from someone who bought one of my ‘my heart belongs to you’ heart in a box and proposed to their partner with it ! They said yes – how amazing is that ?! It is so nice to know that you’ve been a part of such a special moment.

OJL : Last question. You surely have some friends who are making wonders! If you would like to promote them, this is your time!
Mistress : As I previously mentioned, Aurelio Voltaire does some amazing things for gothic homemaking and I think my products would look awesome in his home. Here is his websites : https://voltaire.net/ and https://gothichomemaking.com/

OJL : Congratulations for everything you do. May Our Lady protects you.
Mistress : Thank you.