The King (2019)

IMDB page of the movie : here

Cons :

You must be aware that this film is completely subjective. This is the English (or American) point of view on the battle of Azincourt in 1415. For more objectivity, here is the documentary on the subject available on Madelen : -1415-76585

Pros :

_The political motives of the British crown are mentioned.

_ “I was shaped for this. This is where I died. Or at the bottom of a bottle in east-ship” John Faltstaff (at 01h34 in the movie).

_Among the producers, there is Brad Pitt.

_The actor Joel Edgerton (who plays John Faltstaff) is excellent. He co-wrote the screenplay.

Conclusion :

A pleasant romance but it is an unapologetic rewriting of History… Shame.